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It is anticipated that the public, folliwing the roll out of our new Iris website in May, will be able to view a sample of the training presentations being offered, select which one(s) that they are interested in seeing and schedule the event and date directly online by simply following a menu offering of the selected programs.

Programs and trainings will be made available by Iris on a variety of topics ranging from a basic "DV 101" presentation to more individualized programs tailored to meet a specific situation or topic about which a group may be interested.

These numbers only tell part of the story, and every survivor's experience is different.

But understanding their scope, like being able to spot the subtle signs of abuse, is an important step in raising awareness of this often silenced or misrepresented issue.

The donations received by the Iris safe house shelter during the Christmas holidays were particularly special and came from the many generous followers of Iris who support our programs and the work we do in the fight against domestic abuse.

Those same donations are badly needed by Iris throughout the entire year and having a development director will go a long way to ensure that we are doing all we can to assist those wishing to make a donation to Iris and make the process simple and user friendly.

Of those, 12 offenders were men, while two were women; 10 involved a gun, three involved a knife, and one involved arson."It is my hope that by focusing on these 14 cases -- and by bringing attention to the research of these warning signs -- friends, family members and co-workers of current and future victims will encourage them to seek assistance before there is another domestic or dating homicide," Moore said.

For many violent teens, it’s what they know from seeing domestic violence in their parents’ relationships, and it transfers into the relationships they start developing as young adults.Presentations have also been made to the Professional Insurance Agents of Baton Rouge and health fairs at both Mck Inley High School and Woodlawn High School.In April, a more extensive training on the nature of domestic violence and the role of mental health professionals is scheduled at Capital Area Human Services.For more information on our outreach program, please contact Monica Alfred at 389-3002 or email her at [email protected] Schoen has been appointed Director of Development for Iris Domestic Violence Center. Schoen, who joined Iris last year, is working to coordinate both the Donor and Volunteer groups at Iris. Schoen helped manage the recent Iris Adopt a Family Christmas program this past holiday season which was an overwhelming success as a total of 48 families were adopted and received Christmas gifts and presents through the generosity of our community. Schoen's leadership, Iris is busy working to better organize and coordinate the donor giving program in 2018.

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