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“The role I’m here for is to endorse and support this initiative as a member of the board of trustees, so I do.” Redford said it’s past time to disrupt the status quo when it comes to climate change.But he, too, emphasized that the decision to divest was student-driven. “When you look at her, and you hear her, and you see where her mind is going, and that she’s a product of this school — boy, there you go.” Gould said divestment will change about 5 percent of the school’s endowment by the end of this year.

One of the trustees of Pitzer is Robert Redford, who set off a barrage of camera clicks every time he turned his head.Trombley and several Pitzer trustees said they hope it can serve as a model for other places.Students activists have been campaigning at all the Claremont colleges to limit their school’s contribution to climate change.Jess Grady -Benson, who graduates in two months, doesn’t have a job yet.But she says she’s going to campaign against fracking in California next.

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