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Which is pretty elitist, considering Apple is pretty expensive and almost require its owners to have awesome designer glasses and their website is so Sparkology This elite site that caters to men and women with high-pressure careers and top-ranked college degrees.(University of Hard Knocks grads need not apply.) As of April of this year, two Sparkology couples have gotten engaged.“We were right, just 14 years too early.” But what was so surprising about the announcement was the timing.Facebook is coming off of the most significant personal privacy scandal in company history.If you don't know what that means, you're probably better off.

resize=768:*" /There’s a reason their website looks like the homepage — it connects the ladies and gentlemen addicted to Apple products.The idea, of course, is that you’ll immediately have something in common.Facebook is building a separate messaging experience just for this dating feature — it won’t use Messenger or Whats App unless both parties decide to swap numbers or usernames.It spent a lot of F8 trying to convince people that, yes, Facebook can be trusted again.Observers were quick to point out that launching a new feature like dating, which comes with all kinds of privacy expectations and implications, is either bold or tone deaf, depending on who you ask.

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