Dating for people with no kids

Bearing in mind, mine were both under 3 years old at the time.

We used to do things like make bubble bath beards, play with their toys and it was always a fun time when we did it.

As I have said previously, you want someone to recognise your situation in it’s entirety and I just felt there was a lack of understanding, as she thought they should be left to it and even questioned why they weren’t asleep.

As we know, sometimes they just wake up, for well – no reason!

Firstly, I just wanted to say a big ‘Thanks‘ to everyone who read my last post, about Dating as a Single Parent – would you?

– there was loads of engagement, likes and shares – it really is massively appreciated!

That person may struggle to understand the concept that a parent’s time ultimately has to be shared between them and the children – but for me, the children’s needs should always come first.I remember a situation whereby she got frustrated with me, I had the children and they were in bed one night and I was on the phone to her.I had to end the call abruptly as I was needed by one of the kids as they were crying.However, I knew there and then, we were fundamentally different and that ‘common’ understanding I am seeking, was just not there.Dating someone without children does have it’s advantages, that person probably will have a lot more time to try and be flexible around whatever schedules you have with work/your children and that can really be a positive thing.

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