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I mean, I always get hit up, which I assume means I make a good first impression - before I bore the soul out of them...:/ Some context: After I asked a guy why'd he approved of us hanging out, etc, etc, when there was this other girl who was literally trying so hard to catch his attention, she would pop in front of him all the time at school, yet he was appaled by her.And on top of that, he’s barely talking to me now as it is.I need an adultier adult to help me figure out what I can do from here on out. We had been talking and hanging out occasionally for about 4 months, and one night after going out he convinces me to sleep with him (as in, I was quite hesitant at first but was eventually like ‘ok yeah alright’). ) was that I’ve had a lot of guys stop talking to me after sex, which just makes me feel really shitty and he said something like ‘I’m not an asshole’.I literally only have one friend and he’s out of state. I feel so depressed and hopeless..every night I think about nit waking up in the morning and how all my pain and constant thoughts will come to a halt. Well I’m 20 years old and the point of this post is to get other people insight on my situation.So I fell for this really awesome girl about two years ago, a little more maybe.But in the modern dating world where effective texting is a precursor to a successful dating life, I feel like my boring texting skills are ruining any of my chances to date.

One of my friends told me that he's staring at me when I'm not looking.I know I push people away because I have depression and I'm super insecure about myself.I put up these walls to protect myself and now its part of the reason I'm even more insecure.i was planning on taking him out on a double date (a friend of his with a friend of mine), but i don't know. Decided this year that we’re finally going to get an apartment together, but mostly because it’ll be closer to the college we are going into for pharmacy school. Didn’t want to lose the unit, so we put in a deposit and had to move in within 30 days.He was hesitant at first because he wasn’t financially ready to move, although I had offered to cover most of the expenses because a) I financially can and b) do not want to live alone in a new area. Either way, I’d have to move in because I didn’t want to lose the unit. Boyfriend has not moved in yet, and it’s almost been a week.

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