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When medical officials brought Horvath to hospital, they assumed she had attempted to kill herself.But when she came around, she informed doctors that she’d been the victim of a ‘date-rape’ drug.Her Instagram, @lifeproofbionicwoman, is just about one the best you’ll ever see.Almost better than that, however, is her Tinder profile.We get all kinds of make-out types: beach make-outs, cave make-outs, pool make-outs, ocean make-outs, Aztec ruin make-outs, and probably more make-out clips the producers haven’t fired up yet.-: This is the “We stole our format from ” section, in which Chris drops this explainer: “Each week, new arrivals will change everything. The premise is simple: Send a naked man and a naked woman on three dates with naked people, and then have each contestant pick which partner he or she liked best. Look, if a reality show has hot people who don’t wear a lot of clothing, that reality show has a shot. -: This is the “We have hot people on this show and they don’t wear a lot of clothing” section.

My favorite part of this section was when the franchise with a long history of controversial oceanic coitus gave us this shot: On we get OCEAN COITUS ORGIES!

” “Oh, my god.” “This is insaaaaaane.” “My wish is that this was a dream and I could wake up from it.” “I regret getting on that plane.” [.] “WHY AM I HERE? You know a reality show is good if everyone who’s on it wishes they weren’t.

Check out the quotes: “I thought it was going to be so different.” “You think I’m stupid, you want [fucking] drama?

The craziest part about this pageant gangster death threat is that it wasn’t played up for the sake of reality TV. He wasn’t miked, and he probably didn’t know that the giggler was miked.

This woman might be the best example of overcoming adversity we’ve seen this year.

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