Dating in the senegalese culture

They are highly respected and seen as the center of the home.A friend’s host father, who has two wives, has told us before that he thinks women are much smarter than men, and that he trusts women with business much more than men.The only thing I heard as a child on the subject of my future as a woman was along the lines of how I could be anything I wanted to be.This set up a large surprise for life in Dakar, in a society that is 95 percent Muslim, with very specific ideas about the role of women in society.“Chez les toubabs,” my dad said, “the wife orders the husband around.

The problem with that explanation is that most of the groups who formed the foundation for the Senegalese people today, are, for the most part, traditionally matriarchal societies.Children were given their mother’s name as identification rather than their father’s.This changed with the advent of the arrival of Islam in Senegal.It is these complexities of attitude that make the subject so nuanced, and admittedly frustrating at times, to deal with.It is particularly interesting to observe the change occurring in gender dynamics among the new generation of Senegalese.

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