Dating in the workplace policies

Cons: • Breakups can be bad enough when you are dating.Imagine then having to see your ex almost every day, being constantly reminded of the relationship which now lays in pieces.This could make Employee A jealous, whereas prior it was a harmless crush that did not disrupt productivity.Every company is different and every company has different dating policies.This may be hindered by a major breakup between employees.However, preventing your employees from dating could cause unwanted resentment. First consider the Pros and Cons of allowing dating in the workplace. Pros: • People who work together should know each other better than two people set up on a blind date, improving the chances that their relationship lasts.Does the couple now get to walk down the halls holding hands?Are they allowed to make date plans or exchange a kiss as they pass in the halls?

Register Employees dating in the workplace policy cruise unacceptable behavior will arrondissement progressive discipline, up to and policg xx in pas of repeated violations.• Relationships within a company can be awkward for those not involved in the relationship.This problem is enhanced with businesses with less than 200 employees because employees know a greater percent of the company (as opposed to larger businesses where a single employee may only know part of their division) and works with more of the company with greater frequency.They can go through with you how to create a policy that will work best for your company because, after all, the above Pros and Cons may not apply to your business and are only a small list of considerations.Whatever your policy is, it is important to implement it.

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