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The membership of those Latin Kings in Chicago is estimated to be 20,000 to 35,000.

Bloodline faction: The Bloodline Manifesto was founded by Luis Felipe AKA "King Blood" in 1986 in the New York State Collins correctional Facility.

The Council sets rules and regulations and holds disciplinary hearings.

The hierarchy rises to regional officers and ultimately to 2 supreme regional Incas based in Chicago.

The Latin Kings were seen as a Latino progress movement to improve quality in immigrant families overcoming racial discrimination.

Latin King symbolism is usually accompanied with the name and number of the chapter, region or city of the gang.

The Latin Kings are of the People Nation, and therefore, represent everything to the "right" in opposition to the "left," which is representative of the "Folk Nation".

which adhere to a regional, state, and a national system.

Officers (Inca, Cacique and Enforcer) are supported by a "Crown Council" of seven members.

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