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A first date can pave the way to a bright and wonderful future, and it can be as memorable as you make it.We have got loads of inspiring dating ideas to make your first date memorable.Since we posted our last review of Prague’s dating options, some new sites have sprung up making it easier than ever to hook up, hang out, or just say ahoj, while a number of older sites are retooling to fit today’s highly mobile, increasingly plugged-in user.To get a feel for them, we posed as a 25-year-old female English teacher who’s new to Prague and looking for a friendly introduction to Czech culture and Prague life.That's more than attend any Matzo Ball or Matzah Ball party in the country or more than have attended any event ever thrown by JDate®.Like so many of the characters we create, ethnicity, religious beliefs...), a high-school reunions section, and, of course, a dedicated dating page. After my furtive look into the world of Czech dating it was refreshing to return to where what the Personals and Dating section of the Classified pages lacks in panache, it makes up for in, for the most part, decent dudes. Granted I came across a few desperate types (“WANTED: ANY WOMAN”) and wayward geeks (“I’m an IT guy.Of all the Czech dating sites, this one was the easiest to use, despite the fact that it’s in Czech, thanks to its incredibly well-organized and straightforward interface. It doesn’t have to be disease”) but for the most part, responses to my own ad comprised a healthy microcosm of expat life from a broad swathe of nationalities (“I am an Indian guy with the full flavored spice”), including Czech.

We did, however, receive a handful of replies in English from less-than-lascivious men who seemed genuinely interested in a language exchange. CZBashy, virtual college dorm Lidé, one of the most popular Czech dating sites around, is similar to Badoo and Libimseti for its social network leanings.

The best thing that can be said about the sites mentioned here is that most of them hearken back to the slow getting-to-know-you that’s disappearing from our all-access, all-the-time world, while giving you a chance to survey the local dating pool (from a safe distance!

It's the nation's biggest Jewish singles event." "Contrary to what JDate might have you believe, the hottest event in town isn't the Matzo Ball.

Here you can discuss “Death/Doom Metal” with fellow heshers or, if you’re in the mood for love, participate in something saucier like the “No Undies Today” chatroom.

There’s a You Tube-inspired video-posting page, an events calendar where you can find local happenings (paranormal activities hunt or pajama party at IKEA, anyone?

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