Dating lrc potentiometer gretsch and consolidating

If the pot is an original, it indicates a date before which the guitar could not have been built – so it’s always a good idea to have extra reference material around.Finally, a word of caution: This method applies only to American made pots and not all potentiometer manufacturers subscribed to the EIA source code date.If your earlier detective work determined that the guitar was probably made in the early 70’s, you can now ascertain that since you always date an instrument by the latest dated part, that it’s most likely from 1974.Let’s say that you’ve dated a particular Gibson Les Paul Deluxe to be from 1972, and the pot code says 1378912.Once you see one replaced part, there could be more, so keep looking…Again, that’s why Pot codes should always be used to reinforce the date of the guitar and not be the sole source.You went on waiting and waiting for your Prince, and you still had a long wait ahead of you, because he didn't know you were waiting, poor thing.

Share via Email Online dating: At least that's what cinderella69 believes.The EIA assigns each manufacturer a three-digit code (there are some with one, two or four digits).When dating an instrument by the ‘pot code,’ keep two things in mind: The potentiometers must be original to the piece (new solder, or a date code that is off by ten or more years is a good giveaway to spot replacement pots); and the pot code only indicates when the potentiometer was manufactured!And it's the complexity and the completeness of the experience that tells you if you like a person or not.I occasionally thought about John Donne's line, "More than kisses, letters mingle souls. Eight years single and i've pretty much given up looking, i'll do it off and on, but the rejection just got too much.

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