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Therefore, can we assume any planetary themed content is evergreen? Well, on August 24, 2006, that number did change when Pluto lost its membership card to the planetary club. Importantly, the date became a line in the sand, marking every planetary article and textbook published before the 24th as a little less reliable and a little more outdated.

Knowing when a post was written doesn’t impact the evergreen nature of a post if the content is still good, the information is still accurate, and the topic is still relevant.

Therefore, it has become a habit for me to always look for the date on a post or article before reading, or even before clicking through from the search engine results.

The date is essential to help me assess the context of the information, as well as filtering the masses of content to find the most relevant facts and most recent statistics.

Many British singles would like to change their life by finding a partner: Parship’s Singles Survey showed that they believe in long-term relationships and - in comparison to Western Europe as a whole - remain especially attached to the idea of marriage: it’s more than a matter of “I want to find a girlfriend” or “I want to find a boyfriend”.

At the same time, the survey suggests that, in their search for love, they often uphold the traditional British reputation for reserve.

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