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She was feeling overwhelmed after the twins, so when they were 2 months old we hired a mother’s helper to come for 4 or 5 hours a day.She essentially takes over while my wife “practices self-care.” (Her words) This involves the gym, manicures, massages, shopping, or just laying out by the pool.We come from different cultures and still we have from time to time issues regarding my outsider status and me being quite direct person (to what is acceptable for a woman in their eyes). So what we though to be a family trip apparently had other intentions because holy shit. I was raised in the church and didn't ever attend a non-Catholic school until college.I keep finding black magic crap they have brought into my house. I ended up leaving the church and living a pretty secular life, during which time I met my boyfriend [26M].

On top of that, we now are paying a full-time nanny so my wife can have “me time” during the day. She is now contributing nothing to the household, spending money left and right, and gives nothing in return..even companionship.I'm not really close with any of them..would they have against me?But I also didn't really think there was reason to think my parents were involved, so I unhappily accepted it and have been sad ever since. Fantastic marriage, but the last year or so things have gotten bad.We have twin 12 month olds and a 3 year old, so very demanding.

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