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The online Documentation goes into more depth on how to get started changing those and is very useful in case you become stuck on remembering which command does what.To furtherly customize your game follow these links to gain more information about how to actually code the game.Kreyling knew what he wanted his first visual novel to be, an adaptation of a friend's webcomic called .The comic was sexually explicit, so he knew that trying to sell it on any well known digital game store would be difficult if not impossible. And then a friend of Kreyling's got in touch to discuss an opportunity, throwing a life-changing-sized wrench into that plan.On the morning of October 29, Muse had just launched its latest game, needed a patch.And the only computer that could make updates was trapped in the office in Manhattan, in the path of a 14-foot storm surge.

Hours later, at his boss's apartment on the Upper East Side, Kreyling and his boss finished the update and shipped the patch. And Kreyling started to realize he was spending too much time on work, and needed a creative outlet of his own. In 2010, he moved from Maryland to New York City to take the job at Muse Games. While his background was in programming, he found himself doing a lot more than that.

At the southern tip of Manhattan in Battery Park, the surge was almost 14 feet high.

At the time, Kreyling worked at Muse Games, located next to Battery Park.

On October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit New York City.

It brought a storm surge, causing the East River to overflow into lower Manhattan, flooding seven subway tunnels and cutting off power to the area for days.

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