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If you share your computer with others, disable the auto sign-in feature to your account and clear all saved passwords.

Note: We will never send you an email asking for your username and password information.

As obvious as it is, having a photo on your profile, can dramatically increase interest and messages. Include your likes and dislikes in your profile, you'll help eliminate people who are not compatible to begin with.

Make it your goal, to fill out small portions of your profile, whenever you have the chance, until your profile is completed. Never send funds or give out your bank account number!

Any such communication should be reported immediately.

Never give financial information (such as your social security number, credit card number or bank information) to people you don't know or you have not met in person.

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• They want to communicate right away through means other than the MODINCA’s messaging feature.

• They claim that they are currently travelling, living or working abroad. • They disappear from the site, then return under a different name. • They make more than usual amount of grammatical and/or spelling errors.

• They send you emails containing strange links to third-party websites.

• They want to start a serious relationship too early in your judgment. If personal details provided by another person do not seem to add up, they behave suspiciously, or pressure you for personal or financial information – block communications with that person and report them to us immediately.

You can block and report concerns about any suspicious user anonymously from their profile page by clicking the “Block user” and “Report” links.

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