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“At the beginning of a relationship, I’m more of a traditionalist and like grabbing coffee, a drink, or a bite to eat.

Some of my favorite spots in Seattle are Canon, Black Bottle, and Tavern Law.

The beauty of moving to a new city is that you’re in control of your social experiences.

While most of my friends are transplants like myself, I think we gravitated toward each other because of common interests, not because we couldn’t meet Seattle locals.

“Although I technically work for a tech company, I don’t consider myself to be a ‘techie’ in the traditional sense because I’m in a business function and don’t actually build products.

While I don’t want to make gross generalizations, I find that some men approach dating in Seattle more passively and informally than I have seen in other metropolitan cities where the lifestyle is more fast-paced in general.” Where are the best places to go on a date in Seattle?

Fortitude's strategy fell flat when David got his heart set on a male model who looked great but had a neck that was too small for the shirt he was wearing.

However due to what Anand labeled a "homo erotic man crush," David overrode any chance of having a more fitting model Anand and Poppy preferred.

Trump's signature line of shirts, ties and cufflings.After the task, both teams met with Trump in the boardroom. After questioning whether David's infatuation with the male model meant he many actually be gay, Trump asked why the small-necked model was chosen -- causing Poppy to chime in and said it was out of her control. Anand wasn't the only member of Fortitude to have an issue with David, as David was asked to discuss his team's weakest member -- leading to a heated and presumably now-awkward exchange between David and Poppy, who began dating after "Ninety percent of this task was mine. So it's hard to say weak -- I know as far as limited involvement -- Poppy had the least involvement... "I delegated a job to her and Anand, and I hate to call her 'Poppy the Puppy' but it just seemed like she would follow Anand around on the task I gave them together." Poppy refused to accept what she was hearing. "If Anand and I were permitted a little bit more jurisdiction in the task that we were assigned, we wouldn't have taken models with such small necks," Poppy said. Fortitude -- now comprised of David, Poppy Carlig, Stephanie Castagnier, and Anand Vasudev -- presented their advertisement in black and white with one male model on the cover wearing Trump's clothing line. The remainder of the ad featured pictures of the clothing in vivid bright colors against the dark background.

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