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I’ve posted about David Deangelo and given a pretty good overview of his dating site.You find pretty standard articles of dating tips and dating trends for free, and you’re encouraged to buy David Deangelo videos, David Deangelo books, and other forms of David Deangelo pickup artist advice.• A 1933 King Kong Plane Battle Kit Sponsored by Mike Maddi/Resin in Motion.• Winner’s choice of any in stock, Life-Sized, Resin Bust Sponsored by Black Heart Enterprises Models.

I’ll do the same with other pickup artists I discuss on here – maybe not “scams” and ripoffs, but criticism they have received from other people in the same industry.

Erik Gosselin – Hangover Alien Tony Debartolis – Mothman Erik Gosselin – Billy Bob Floyd Bazin – Joker Floyd Bazin – Batman Marc Mc Laren – Egyptian Girl Marc Mc Laren – Saquarr Marc Mc Laren – Countess Karnstein Eric Longstreet – USS Triumph Scott Rizzo – Occupy Wall Street Vince Buonfiglio – Dragon Whisperer Eric Gosselin – Caught in Mongolia Floyd Bazin – Devilman Mark Gregory – Zeke the Zombie Tony Debartolis – Yuggeth Piper Paul Keefe – Heavy Metal Thunder Ken Hunt – Mine Russell Canterbury – Wolfman Russell Canterbury – Nosferatu Angelo Valetta – Creepshow Mark Gregory – Desperation Zone David La Manna – Calvin & Hobbes Joseph Glaimano – Son of Kong Floyd Bazin – Wolverine Tony Cassela – Frankenstein David Diaz – Yeti Bust Tony Cassela – Killer Croc David Diaz – Rocketeer Bust Floyd Bazin – Blade Marc Mc Laren – Daphne’s Surprise Marc Mc Laren – Liza Rich Dilorio – The Axe Russel Canterbury – Sarge Jim Marcinkowski – IT, Terror From Beyond James Coates – Nosferatu Clock Russel Canterbury – Shock Waves Mark Gregory – Herman Munster Bill Newell – Godzilla 75 Bill Newell – Guilala Bill Newell – Marmit Bill Newell – Gawangisaurus Zallinger Vince Buonfiglio – Wolverine Floyd Bazin – Cloe Tony Wootson – TACC Trooper Eric Longstreet – IKV Quonos 2 Bill Newell – Battle Tech Marauder Ed Bailey – Star Trek Ships Ken Hunt – Three Headed Terror Angelo Valetta – Swamp Witch Ed Miles – Brother Usul of the Firehawks Floyd Bazin – Skull Soldier Ken Hunt – Newmanoid Rick Dilorio – Mc Dougal’s House of Horror Russell Canterbury – Guyver Zonoid In addition to the Gold, Bronze and Silver Certificate Awards, Jerseyfest trophies and plaques were also awarded for the top entries as decided by the judges.

Tony Debartolis – Yuggoth Piper Floyd Bazin – Devilman 2nd: Tony Debartolis – Yuggoth Piper 3rd: Mark Gregory – Zeke the Zombie Tony Debartolis – Mothman 2nd: Erik Gosselin – Billy Bob 3rd: Erik Gosselin – Hangover Alien Eric Longstreet – USS Triumph Scott Rizzo – Occupy Wall Street Bill Newel – Anguirus Floyd Bazin – Batman Marc Mc Laren – Countess Karnstein Floyd Bazin – Blade 2 Erik Gosselin – Caught in Mongolia On top of everything else, kit prizes were provided by contest sponsors and awarded to winners as described below.

It’s natural that a competitive market like “dating”, which is full of marketers who are also “players”, is going to be full of charge and counter-charge, in order to undermine a competitor’s business, while marketing one’s own.

So my intention is to offer both sides and let you decide.

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