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Men are programmed to go for women they can have babies with and no matter what his age, he'll still have that subconscious desire...The instant you meet someone, you give off hundreds of signals about yourself and those signals dictate if you're desirable or not to this new person. And there's also (to a much lesser degree) the element of how we feel about ourselves as we get older.

I think the feminist teachings of the Sixties and Seventies seeped into our brains.It's not great when you know something foolish is happening but you have no power to influence it.That's the situation I found myself in when I was in my mid-20s, back in the early to mid 1990s.At 38, although I'm far from over the hill, I'm considered a woman of a certain age...Yes, the life I have today is not quite the one I envisaged 20 years ago as a young woman.

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