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evil for both Conventions to nominate Janies White, Kentucky; Wells A. give 1*J7 electoral votes for Die Democrat ie cau- W. ana Ainca wilt De exhibited to-night at ^ brie-fly as 1 can, to present the views blood ami treasure of the* whole people of the Masonic Temple.

less pure in the principles she professes, sane- R. All these btales combined cun AMOS ROBERTS, Delegate* Me. ,.„d Africa will be exhibited to-ni.-ht »t u ‘ aiu questions involved iu tliat report, I shall Territories which have been acquired by the A-ia.

\ hat his true weight was we are orrv that we cannot say, for, not being obliged to go J.ubliely to scale iu al.atth- for theebniuj.ioiiship — which is always at “catch weights” — he lwd shrewdly availed himself of his privilege, with the double object of keeping his aatagoni-t in th.* dark, and of avoiding any c tnfutalion of his early statement tluit lie w il light at less Hum l’-‘ stone 7 |Kr overrate him. and their Cxr- gn*v; *1*0 assiuxt ln*» by Fire on Ve*.~el, and lx 2iat.

In closing, gentlemen, 1 beg leave to tender you my respectful and grateful acknowledgments for the patience and kindness with which you have listened to me, and -hail bear it iu reiucm- branceto thc Litcst hour of my life. Pursuant to a call in tlie Louisville Democrat, the young men of oldliam county assembled in the court house on Saturday, April ffstli, und or- ganized th.* meeting by appointing Col. l the idealising offices of Ihe epougc, aud that being over, Hccuau -trppcd forward again, but Bayer- retired, an J portiv ran Heenan following quickly , barged a hit in tbe back of his neck, and as Bayers turned l light be bit hint _.-- f r .pea, and as he Hi, grabbed for him, but mi— ed him, aud then caught him with a terrific up V r * cl. this chaff was going ou, net nan had drawn close k m e-. i.-iy distinct, lle.-naii overtopping tbe ehaiupion’iu tno-t commanding style, ami exhibiting a supe- riority of bulk that threatened lc dan- gers. I Jl T’O.’ii-e cornrr Main and bullitt street, second storj of Negcomb , Building, vntriuiue on Main Hlrct't.^Zfi . -vt - mcepoliri*-, the nerilu of naviga- j Pt a Lvtt°* on Ship- Sleumhoa U.

Hut we are told tliat in advocating thc doctrine vve now do, we are violating the principles of the •The straw hats advertised are fresh, desirable, the floor then to proceed with mv remarks, auid of the latest styks. [ A j »- plause.] We come lit re backed by the South- western States, tlmt never cast, in any instance, Territories was that same sort of non-iuter- fercuee and non-intervention forbidden in the District of Colninbia. vve maintain that C«m- gre»- h i.- no riglil to prohibit or abolish -la . 1 able elrtuuiotauces, Maryland will acknowledge susiaiuea by the Southwestern Slates that had siliou has been made; no such proposition will be made. * .*et legislation, w liereby the owners of '.a*.e may In.

1 tell you tliat thc j.oorest man in my Slate resents, as an in- sult, the intimation that the negro must be free and placed on an equality w ith him. I’resident, that this doctrine of I’Sovereignty finds no response in tlie hearts of my constituents, whether they be the owners of slaves or not. I suggest tp- tered lit the hour of her darkest peril.

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L, , , ed day lieforc yesterday, relative to the appoint- result of this withdrawal movement, nor | meol Wld ru U £ ,*„ r Ilu * governmci U of the Xu- come to any conclusion as to whether it j liun&l Democratic Committee: will finally embrace all tlie Southern States. Wyman, Maine; Ansel Glover, New If it does' the probability is that some of the j Hau.^hlret Luciu. 1 do not come from the Southwestern States, where there is more feeling upon this subject; but give as here a clear platform — a platform of principles, ac- cording to this report, — and every Democrat, North and South, will rally beneath tlie Demo- cratic flag, if they stand upou principle and ore not influenced l.y considerations of men. Tin* president, in a very neat and appropriate address, ex ]d Allied the object of the meeting to be for thc purpose of taking steps towards or- ganizing a dress military company, to lie mus- tered into the “State Guard” under the late act of the General Assembly. ou the mouth, and as he ran to escape a rwwnl of tbe visitation, delivering another eit.'pj ttig lick ujon hisstistping back Again they receive. fgm m ra AN ani N ucsurance corerx or KOI ILLS, ky. Loiilsrilb* Amociation Stake— A sweepstake for rolls an 1 fillie* yuan.

I do not entertain it, but 1 tell you that this Poi'ular Sov- ereignly doctrine lias led to distru-tof our North- ern allies. Let us makes platform about which there can be no doubt, so that every man, Nortlt and South, may stand side by side on all issues Connected with shivery, and advocate the same prineijiles. All wc demand at your hands is, that there shall be no equivocation and uo doubt In the popular mind as to w hat our jirinciples are. fl.n Jml, That the foliowiug persons, to-wit: Co L Bea Selby, Thou. There were about I forty members in the procession, which were j preceded by a well dressed (from this city, * that discoursed some of their favorite airs. 1 THE Ci REl T PIGILISTH EVENT ron *nt E CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WOULD! You'd better send hint back “Th Nis the very fellow ! * a»«l I’m going over with him soon and ta c with us the bell. ’ As jossage they *eporated, aud were sponged off, Bayers coulruuliug Heenao with as mach quiet seil-cu Uipl:. Heeuan went at him, however, Uke a tiger, bit uun agau.

Prau, Connecticut; join the South in this movement. I want, and we of tlie South want, no more doubtful platforms upon this or any other question. But if it be a judicial ques- ii D immaterial to you how thc platform ia made, because all you will have to say is, "tni- L- a judicial question; the majority of the Convention were of one opinion; 1 may enter- tain my com opinion upon the question; let the Supreme Court settle it.” And now, gentlemen of tiie Convention, in closing what 1 have to say, we have been actively engaged for three days — day and night — iu iii- vc- ligating the question. But I have endeavored to present to you Hie views w hich we took upou this question, it ha- been done in no captious spirit. other purpose but to have a vexed question settled, aud to put the Demoeratie portv, where it always stands, on a clear, un- clouded j.latforiu, so tliat ho who runs may read its principles, and not a double-faced one — one face to the North nnd one face to the South. After arrest he acknowledged he- I ing :r -lave, and indulged in threats, say ing he I would run away when an opportunity offered.

Newton, detegatoa trom a few of the Northern Slates will Rhode Island; James T. Now , if vv .* are going to explain it and de- clare its principles, I say let us declare them openly, boldly, squarely, or let us leave it as it is in the Cincinnati platform. These remarks have been desultory, unconnected and undigested, because, from the nature ol the case, they could not be otherwise. Rodman, be, and they are hereby appointed a standing committee to enroll any ju-rson into said company that may dc-irc to join it, and to appoint such other per- sons as they may think proper in other election precincts of tlie county, to act with them in or- ganizing said company, and requesting by letter those persons so appointed by them as auxiliaries, to enlist all lln.-c who may de-ire to become nu 'tubers of said company, and report to the uu cling on the 3d Monday in May next. That the proceedings of this meeting lie published in each of the papers published in the city of Louisville, which will entitle them to our hearty thanks. Baltic, bound to New Orleans, landed, and at the I suggestion of Marshal Akers, search was iusti- I tilted on her, and thc runaway was soon found aud arrested.

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