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Come to think of it, maybe it is not that difficult to have that kinda look that magazine girls have. Oh well, the dumb model wins the average-looking lady in the power suit with the quiet IQ of 150. ***** Back to the topic of brains-not-necessary occupations, today Wong the Lawyer and I went to Ikea to have dinner. The moment their asses touched the seats, they started gushing at her. The Indian girl started to gush about how her current make up makes her eyes look bigger or something. Being an ex-banquet waitress, I assure you that that bun is not difficult to tie at all and nothing to drool over. She started explaining to them, while they listened with bambi eyes, that she twirled and twisted and used a lot of what she called "U-pins" to secure the bunch of dead cells. Not that Rachel is, erm, not a nice girl of course.

Mind you, my "before" photo here was already being photoshopped, so the difference is not too much. 6) Feeds ego as he feels he is damn smart whenever conversing with her. Later on, her friends came to join her - some skinny Indian lady and some Chinese girl. " The original girl merely smiled a "I am so lucky and you can only be envious" smile at them. " (That's Jennie Chua btw, and I totally adore her because she is so capable, she worked her way up in hospitality starting out as a banquet waitress. Why is it ok for girlfriends to be superior to them in looks but not in intelligence/capability??! Anyway, back to the story: Moving swiftly on from make-up (a whole fifteen mins), they started discussing the tight bun she had on her nape. But what hell was Elle thinking when they got Rachel Lee to be cover? Whatever class and prestige the mag had was gone in one day.

*deep gasp from the shocked audience* So as I was saying ... Not that she is ugly or anything near that, but how many products does she endorse? 1) Lee Hwa Jewellery (or whatever that ad is where she lifts up her arms in an convertible car) 2) Some feet massage thingy currently showing on TV 3) A boob cream 4) Perlini silver?

Yesterday I was whipping around Holland Village like a Tasmanian Devil while waiting for Eekean and the rest of the RV gang to come along. What do you see when you look at the average magazine cover?! 5) Random product A 6) Random product B 7) Random product C 8) Some milk thingy?

In fact, I think Qin Shi Wang should have burned all baby/electric blue eyeshadow when he tried to burn all the books in ancient China. I would have forgiven Miss New Air Waitress if she talked about the weather next - in her little phoney English accent may I add.

But he did get into whisky when he become involved in the Scotch Malt Whisky Society as their state manager in Western Australia – his first real association in the whisky business.

Matthew first met Elaine Seah through a former colleague who studied in university with her.

The best kind of relationships are often like the finest whiskies – two wholly different personalities blended into an integrated whole that’s even better the sum of its component parts.

If he had met them, the great philosopher Aristotle would definitely have used that phrase he coined on these power couples – some visible, others less so – in Singapore’s whisky and nightlife scene.

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