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See our new mobile site at Cam By incorporating the power of Flash-based video streaming with long-standing characteristics of an IRC-based chat room, we get the best of both worlds.

The birth of this site was fueled primarily by red wine, single malt scotch, loud music and copious amounts of caffeine.

Unfortunately, computers choke on division by zero and being mean to our server would ruin our “no computers were harmed in the coding of this website” certification.

ZOZO is vibrant, exciting, original, dynamic and, above all, fun!

No one, after all, attains God apart from faith in Jesus.

So many things are wrong with this way of using the Bible.

If the Catholic Church allows the wedding of Catholics and other Christians, it accepts the reality that Catholics and other Christians in a society such as ours will meet and sometimes want to date.

We indeed may be attracted to a person whose life experiences have been different than our own.

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