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It only got a bit louder when the rattling of the knight shaking in his armour threatened to drown it out. A clean circle of ground had expanded in front of her, pushing a ring-shaped wave of clogging blood outward as it grew in diameter.The magical circle's perimeter burst into icy flame, and thirteen evenly-spaced flickering runes appeared in the burning curtain.Shorter than either of the other previous arcs; Arc III stresses the subplots and introduces many of the major power players in the Universe.

At these moments there are in game and more will be added in the future: - Increase level of all your creatures by 1 - Heal all your creatures - Temporarily increase efficiency for all your creatures - Temporarily increase happinessfor all your creatures - Spawn 4 additional drones - Increase vespene gas - Increase minerals - Bonus global research (500 to each research tree) - Bonus for a single research tree (1000) Last but not least, voice alerts made by Yushatak were added in game!Needless to say, this brings all the wrong kinds of attention, and soon Ami finds a representative of the dark God Crowned Death on her doorstep.Ami is left with an ominous deadline: in a matter of days Crowned Death with execute some eight thousand innocents in a bloody ritual using the Avatar's Mantle..."Vampire Solution" to "Catastrophic Failure (part 2)" (about 172 thousand words)), e Pub (alternate version, possibly outdated), AZW3 (Kindle), or slightly outdated: MS Word, FB2, PDFYou can find a python script to create a up-to-date e Pub file directly from the website here. Since Anime Addventure is now defunct, the chapters are now hosted at the forum Sufficient Velocity.The Remainder of the Arc comprises her attempting to find a way around the ultimatum, which results in her Ami recovers from her ordeal and prepares to travel to the Avatar Islands.

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