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The couple shared a series of portraits, taken by Andy Mac Photography, via social media Monday.

In January, Daley confessed to that planning their nuptials was proving to be harder than he'd ever anticipated. The easiest thing would be to do it in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean," he said.

Thanks to all of our family and friends for helping create the best day of our lives.

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"The date is set and we're raring and ready to go for that wedding now." Blaming "the distance" for their split, he added, "It's not like I actually met up with anyone. People are just exploring and finding out what can be done and how easy it is to not even think about what you're doing online."Black was forgiving, Black added: "We don't have secrets in our relationship. "It's totally crucial to us that we are completely and totally open with each other.

I'm 22 years old, and if you talk to someone through social media it is what it is. I don't think I've done anything more or less than any other 22-year-old has done.

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"At which point I felt I had confirmation that he was gay.

I've never in my life heard of a straight man putting his number in another man's phone with a winky face."Instantly, Daley and Black connected on a deeper level than they had with previous boyfriends.

"Not only is he unbelievably attractive to me, and that goes beyond just how he looks, but he gets me.

"I'd like to have children," Daley told Buzz Feed in a 2013 interview.

Tom Daley announced he was dating a man in a You Tube video last week, and, of course, it wasn't long before the boyfriend's name was revealed.

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