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Another example: A brand of peanut butter could position itself against all competing brands of peanut butter, which defines the audience as peanut butter users.

Or the brand might position itself against margarine and butter, which defines a very different target market.

This reputation is a key factor in our continued success in attracting such a wide range of stars, whether they come from the world of arts, politics or sport, to grace our covers on a weekly basis.

Sir Paul Mc Cartney, David Beckham and George Michael are just a few of the celebrities who have chosen to talk to the Big Issue first over the years.

Now it may be that users of the site ignore these ads and get right onto new info about six packs, but this is worth researching even if only in an informal way, talk to some lads, honest types preferably, who might describe for you their web page surfing behaviour.

Rather, positioning should be thought of as an element of strategy, a component of strategy, not as the strategy itself.

in a way which is not as easily done in the magazine proper.

The menu on the left hand side is clearly in some instances hosted by some product so that content can be produced outside the magazine imported thereby saving MH’s staff the effort and so cutting staff costs.

This is called in examiner’s parlance touching the bases.

In terms of marketing and promotion,distribution and exhibition it is immediately clear that “The Big Issue” differs from “Horse and Rider” and “Men’s Health” so it will be interesting to see if, in terms of its representation of people,places, events and issues, it differs from the other more conventionally marketed magazines yadda, yadda....

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