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Jennifer Ehle (born 29 December 1969) is an English-American actress who has worked in television, film and on stage.

She is best known for her portrayal of the Jane Austen character Elizabeth Bennet in the BBC's 1995 mini-series Pride and Prejudice.

The entry on booyah mentioned a Press Gazette article that may explain why we’ve been calling it booyah for all these years. In 1906, a man named Andrew Rentmeester took over as the teacher at the Finger Road School in Green Bay.

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I learned that people have been trying to figure out where this soup came from for years!

But have you ever wondered how booyah got its name? Or why it’s such a popular dish, especially in Northeast Wisconsin?

I started looking into it, and discovered an interesting story about how a simple mistake played a big part in this tasty tradition.

She snappily said, “Do you know how many people a month call to tell me their relatives are the ones who created the original booyah recipe?

” Knowing that it’s such a big deal to so many people only got me more excited to solve this mystery!

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