Emotional boundaries in christian dating consolidating files in logic 9

As a Christian, the conviction about my porn use haunted me.

For all these reasons, it should seem obvious to us: the pleasure of marital sex cannot quench lust any more than fresh baked bread quenches my desire for cake.

Only those who muster up enough faith can call on God to do a miracle, right? I was single at the time and had also bought into the lie that marriage and sexual intimacy were somehow basic rights that had been denied me.

But I was believing a lie about God: a lie that said God can only change the willing. I believed sex was not only a desperate biological need, I believed sexual pleasure was, in a way, the goal of life: a promised land I had yet to enter.

No, God had begun transforming my heart long before I ever met my wife, and even now, I still depend on Him to continue that transforming work.

Believing “marriage will fix me” kept me trapped because it meant as long as I was single I could settle for less than God’s standard.

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