After joining the app, you still have to match up on all the usual factors like compatibility, humor, attraction, acting-like-a-grown-ass-person-who-treats-your-sexual-partner-like-a-grown-ass-person-yes-even-if-the-relationship-is-casual, and a billion other things. These days men are the real victims.d) Hell yeah, I’m a feminist. I’m so feminist I think we need a matriarchy, because men are inherently the worst and there’s nothing we can do to fix that, so women should be responsible for everything.(Just because someone uses the raised fist emoji on the regs doesn’t mean they won’t be a nightmare in a relationship.) That shit is still up in the air, but at least this test filters out the riffraff and deplorables, taking care of some basic fundamental values up top.a) Absolutely, I am. Now hush and let me keep talking over you to tell you all the things I do for feminism. a) a traitor.b) a hero.c) probs a rapist.d) cool with Nazis.e) Both c and d.a) Donald Trump.I’ll figure it out the week before.d) Nothing because I am joyless.a) Four, obviously. (Also, I know the show can be problematic, but I can watch it with a critical eye while still appreciating the brilliant things about it.)b) OMG I totes wanna watch it, but I just haven’t had time yet. (Also, I’ve heard the show can be problematic, but I can watch it with a critical eye while still appreciating the brilliant things about it.)c) Is that like a NASCAR show?Haven’t heard of it.d) I do not watch television because I am joyless.a) Trueb) Truec) Actually, I prefer to say “All Lives Matter” because I am an ignorant piece of shit.d) Truea) By running on a platform of white supremacy and misogyny, appealing to conservative white America’s desire to maintain power over marginalized groups, and capitalizing on the complicity of liberal white Americans who benefit from that power and didn’t take enough accountability to change it.b) He listened to the white working classes (aka America’s most oppressed and forgotten group) and promised to make their lives great again with his dope business skills.c) Hillary’s emails and identity politics. And it didn’t help that women, queer folk, and people of color wouldn’t shut up about wanting some human rights.My dating motto in recent years — and especially now — is this: “If it ain’t woke, don’t fuck it.”The problem lies in actually finding these unicorns.Every dating app is the same because every dating app has the same trash people on it.


I think women should be treated equally, but feminists think women are better than men. b) An Indian chief with full headdress (still got one from that festival last summer).c) Probably something topical or a clever pun.Noting that India is presently ranked at 72nd place among 180 countries by the Transparency International in its latest Corruption Perception Index (CPI), the Centre said it has taken several measures and is "moving progressively" to eradicate the menace. Improving transparency and accountability could help reduce corruption substantially.However, this requires stricter laws and regulations.This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers. n a world where nothing is normal anymore (not that normal was ever that great for most of us), one thing has actually become slightly easier: online dating.

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