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In fact, having someone knock on her front door was so unexpected she very nearly jumped in surprise. Instead, she merely put down the feather duster she'd been holding with her magic, and went to open the front door."Twilight! " Twilight replied, somewhat nervously "Got some sort of random holiday you wanted to celebrate? Can't have a random holiday everyday, or else they wouldn't be random." Pinkie Pie said, chuckling at her own logic "I was just wondering if you could stop by Sugarcube Corner at some point? I could really, really, REALLY, use your help with something."Twilight felt incredibly tempted to say no, but she realized that she hadn't really done much of anything with Pinkie Pie in quite a while.

" Pinkie Pie shouted happily, the noise was so loud that Twilight was surprised that the vibrations hadn't somehow moved her castle at least a few inches."Oh, Pinkie Pie. "She probably just wants me to spend some time with her.

Not that anypony thinks any less of you because of it.""Come now Carrot dear, Pinkie Pie has proven herself trustworthy on several occassions in the past." Mrs.

Cake said to her husband "Besides, today is likely to be a slow business day.

It read as follows: Cooking Wizardry: Recipes so delicious, they must be magical.

"This looks promising." Pinkie Pie said, and she opened up the book.

Cake notified Pinkie at breakfast "It seems that my mother, Fruit Cake, would like a chance to see her favorite grand kids.""You can handle any customers that might stop by, right? With me around, you've got nothing to worry about.""Are you really sure you can keep things under control? Cake asked "No offense, but you do have a tendency for getting into trouble.Pinkie flipped the page, and a table of contents revealed itself to her.All of the listed dishes sounded absolutely tempting, and she found it hard to pick out one to try.She couldn't just leave them out as a free sample for customers either, seeing as she couldn't be certain if anypony would stop by. Twilight hadn't been expecting visitors on a day like today.She had already planned to spend most of the day dusting shelves, and then reorganizing everything on them.

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