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Our client was accused of stealing approximately 0,000 in BAH and travel pay and false official statement for allegedly lying on financial documents.

Our goal from the beginning was to save his retirement and avoid lengthy confinement. Waddington and CPT Sam Landes fought the charges in front of an officer panel in the Kaiserslautern courtroom.

The Government brought in numerous expert witnesses, investigators, and aggressive finance specialists to help prove their case.

Our client faced 60 years in prison and risked losing his retirement, which was worth over .5 million.

Guilty or innocent, if you sit back and wait to “see what happens,” there is a high probability that you are going to jail.

To cover up her lies, she intentionally destroyed key evidence (photos, texts, emails, etc.) thinking that we would not be able to recover this evidence.

OSI had several opportunities to collect this evidence, which proved our client’s innocence, yet they did not collect it.

At the Article 32, we proved that the victim was flat out lying.

She lied about her consensual relationship with the accused, she lied about the dates of the relationship, and she lied about sending him numerous sexually explicit photographs of herself.

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