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"My friends and I were going to hit the ____ bar in a bit, but I thought I'd take some time to chat up some beautiful people until ____ ". --Maintain a Relaxed Posture It is important to control and be aware of your body language when dating and seducing.You've seen those movies where beautiful people enter the room and everything goes slow motion. Remember this attitude: you have nowhere special to be, except for where you are, because that is where everything happens anyway.Keep a humorous attitude (known as Cocky and Funny).

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Have you ever felt so _____ that you just wanted to ______...." You can shift the conversation toward whatever subject, mood, or image you want (and watch his/her "state" change).

This raises your own social status and drops theirs at the same time.

Only use a neg on dates and pickups that have higher status than you. The pickup artist uses negs to even the playing field, display social value, establish control, and distinguish himself from AFCs.

If you think too much about the approach, then you've probably already failed.

The pickup artist trusts his instincts and acts on them.

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