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Tsubu...― Actor and voice actor Fujio Tokita passed away on Wednesday due to a brain hemorrhage. Tokita's close family will hold a funeral service, and his eldest son Seiji will serve as the chief mourner.Tokita was born in Nagano prefecture in 1937, and in 1959 he formed a theatrical troupe with stage director Masakane Y...― Cyber Connect2 began streaming a project information video for its "Trilogy of Vengeance" games on Thursday.Viz describes the manga: Mami is 36 and unmarried, and the entire world seems to be telling her she must be miserable. The game's Switch version will also ship in Japan... The video is an English version of the previously revealed video showing the game's "Crystal Carry" mode. He said he had a few concerns and was unable to participate in the project himself, but he seems satisfied with the end result. Total Copies Release Date Publisher Author Highest Rank Weeks on List 1 Haikyu!!

), but until I got this questio...― Since I didn't mention it last week, I'll use this space to point out that the Preview Guide for this season is up and running.

The cast includes: Masataka Kubota (live-action ― The collaboration campaigns for the latest Attack on Titan season seem nigh impossible to stop.

Levi is the poster boy for laundry detergent while the rest of the Survey Corp defeat the "mystery meat" inside Cup Noodles.

film series, announced via his management agency that he married a long-time girlfriend.

The announcement states that the two married sometime in 2016.

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