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“Segregated housing” includes restriction of a prisoner to the prisoner’s assigned living quarters.(s) The term “serious mental illness” means a substantial disorder of thought or mood that significantly impairs judgment, behavior, capacity to recognize reality or cope with the ordinary demands of life within the prison environment and is manifested by substantial pain or disability.

It includes the status of being actively suicidal; severe cognitive disorders that result in significant functional impairment; and severe personality disorders that result in significant functional impairment and are marked by frequent episodes of psychosis, depression, or self-injurious behavior.

No new comprehensive medical and mental health assessment need occur for a prisoner transferred or readmitted to a correction facility who has received comprehensive health assessment within the prior year unless it is medically necessary, or the prisoner’s medical records are not available.

Unless a dental emergency requires more immediate attention, a dental examination by a dentist or trained personnel directed by a dentist should be conducted within [90 days] of admission if the prisoner’s confinement may exceed one year, and annually thereafter.

For a prisoner not serving a sentence for a crime, the purpose of imprisonment should be to assure appearance of the prisoner at trial and to safeguard the public, not to punish.(f) A correctional facility should be appropriately staffed.(g) Correctional officials should implement internal processes for continually assessing and improving each correctional facility.(h) A correctional facility should be monitored and regularly inspected by independent government entities.(i) A lack of resources should not excuse treatment or conditions that violate prisoners’ constitutional or statutory rights.(j) Governmental authorities should provide sufficient resources to implement these Standards.(k) If governmental authorities elect to furnish prisoners any services by contracting with private providers, those contracted services should comply with these Standards, and the correctional agency should monitor and ensure such compliance, and should be held accountable for doing so.

In order to effectuate these principles, correctional authorities should:(a) provide prisoners with:(i) humane and healthful living conditions;(ii) safety from harm, including protection from punitive or excessive force and protection from abuse by other prisoners and staff;(iii) necessary health care;(iv) freedom from staff harassment and invidious discrimination;(v) freedom of religion and substantial freedom of expression;(vi) conditions conducive to maintaining healthy relationships with their families;(vii) opportunities to participate in constructive activity and rehabilitative programs; and(viii) comprehensive re-entry planning; and (a) Correctional authorities should screen each prisoner as soon as possible upon the prisoner’s admission to a correctional facility to identify the prisoner's immediate potential security risks, including vulnerability to physical or sexual abuse, and should closely supervise prisoners until screening and follow-up measures are conducted.(b) Correctional authorities should screen each prisoner as soon as possible upon the prisoner’s admission to a correctional facility to identify issues requiring immediate assessment or attention, such as illness, communicable diseases, mental health problems, drug or alcohol intoxication or withdrawal, ongoing medical treatment, risk of suicide, or special education eligibility.

(a) Classification and housing assignments should not segregate or discriminate based on race unless the consideration of race is narrowly tailored to serve a compelling governmental interest.

The frequency of periodic medical assessments should accord with community health standards, taking account of the age and health status of each prisoner.

(a) A correctional facility should be safe and orderly and should be run in a fair and lawful manner.(b) Imprisonment should prepare prisoners to live law-abiding lives upon release.

Correctional authorities should facilitate prisoners’ reintegration into free society by implementing appropriate conditions of confinement and by sustained planning for such reintegration.(c) A correctional facility should maintain order and should protect prisoners from harm from other prisoners and staff.

(d) Correctional authorities should make individualized housing and custody decisions for prisoners who have undergone sex reassignment surgery or have had other surgical or hormonal treatment and present themselves and identify as having a gender different from their physical sex at birth.

In deciding whether to assign such a prisoner to a facility for male or female prisoners and in making other housing and programming assignments, staff should consider on a case by case basis whether a placement would ensure the prisoner’s health and safety, and whether the placement would present management or security problems.

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