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Setting the retention policy helps to keep this kind of information from persisting.

I don’t probably have to tell you about how prevalent social media in our lives.

Given how much sensitive information of ours is kept in our online accounts, the first thing you can do to beef up your security is to secure the way you log in online.

The risk: You use a password at a mom-and-pop website to create an account.

Location services are the systems on your phone which provide GPS location access to the apps on your phone.Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve made it a habit to do an annual overhaul of my personal digital security.Each year, I review all of my online life for security threats, and commit to improving every year.We often don’t consider the different ways that applications use our location data, but if unchecked, this can leak more information than we intend to tech companies who track our location, or through social media posts that attach location information to what we share. Not so much a security concern as a privacy concern, but it’s personal preference.Contacts to see which apps can access your contacts. The risk: You start a social media account which you aren’t ready to publicly broadcast, but your social media profile is attached to your contact list, and the social network sends out a notification as soon as you set up the account to all other people who you know on the network.

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