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The second way is to only have private video calls, just like private messaging, with people one-on-one.

Although everyone likes their privacy sometimes, if you use the first option and get the whole room involved it can be a lot more fun, especially if you get a bunch of people doing it. Because you can view at least 5 live streams from other people at the same time, so you can imagine how crazy and fun things can get! Earlier I mentioned credits, well, you're probably wondering what are they and what can you do with them?

Don’t miss: Submarine Garden, where the water is so crystal clear, you can see live corals and other life forms even without goggles.

They are virtual currency, and they allow you to buy gifts for people, or should I say that special someone you just met.

There are cheap gifts and ridiculously expensive ones, so choose wisely. And not only are they animated, they even have sound effects - SO COOL!

(Or a long one, if your tired routine slowly turns you into a walker day after day.) The bad news is, there really isn’t any beach in Manila that wouldn’t try to poison you with trash.

If your life in the city feels like you’re in an episode of minus the zombies, you probably need a little break.

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    While men are more attracted to screen names that indicate physical attractiveness like ‘blondie’ or ‘cutie’, women are more likely to take interest in names indicating intelligence like ‘cultured’.2.