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At Mc Kinley High, Blaine and Sam run against Brittany and Artie for the student council, and win.Kurt gets an internship in New York at, working for Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker) and excels, while he is inadvertently pulling away from Blaine.Will says his goodbyes to the glee club before leaving, and Finn officially takes over.Romantic tension builds between Marley and two of the glee club's males, Jake and Ryder.Competitors for the lead role of Danny include Jake and football player Ryder Lynn (Blake Jenner), while Marley and Kitty are rivals for Sandy, the female lead. The Mc Kinley High production of Grease opens, and Santana returns to help out with it when Wade is pulled out.Rachel also has another run in with Cassandra, her dance instructor, and Kurt and Rachel visit Lima, resulting in Cassandra seducing Brody to spite Rachel.Blaine misses Kurt and feels left behind, and briefly cheats on Kurt before realizing his error.Santana and Brittany struggle because of the distance, and Santana decides to do the "mature thing" and have them set each other free.

Agron and Jayma Mays, who continued to appear as guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury, were credited as guest stars this season rather than as series regulars.Rachel continues to struggle in adjusting to life at NYADA and in New York, as well as the constant tormenting of Cassandra, but gets help from new friend and classmate Brody.Puck returns when Will calls him and meets Jake for the first time as he gives him an attitude adjustment.Kitty and Marley develop a 'friendship' as Marley continues to ail.Blaine checks in on Sebastian and the Warblers when the glee club gets its Nationals trophy stolen and is given a tempting offer—to rejoin the Warblers.

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