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He also sold a lot of clothes from SEX to the band’s early fans.Almost 40 years after he joined Sex Pistols as Johnny Rotten, Lydon became the face of Country Life butter in a television ad that saw him leaping around fields with cows extolling the great taste of the British brand.

I love that picture, I took it before I started the Resonators project and used it as a reference for how I wanted the pictures to be.

The whole space was full of every single vinyl of every single genre of music you could imagine it.

It was a house full of music and dedicated to making music and listening to music.

I haven’t worked with them for seven years so it was really nice to see Kelly again. Kelly has his studio in west London and the shot was taken there.

The hardest to get in contact with, and the one I felt quite sensitive about, was Peter Green.

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