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I use an Eclectic therapeutic approach to serve each client's need to assist the process of working toward balance.""Ordinary people have personal and family issues to resolve.Counseling can help prevent normal life challenges from becoming more difficult, and can address serious problems or unexpected crises when they do occur.I offer individual and family appointments, assisting clients to reach their personal potential and improve their intimate relationships.

I have continued to work with a variety of patients, as well as, having the freedom in my practice to continue specializing in couples and trauma survivors.""Within my 10 years of counseling experience, I have worked with a wide-range of patients from all ages with many different difficulties.

However, my focus and passion is with teens and young adults with self-harming behaviors.""Relationships have their ups and downs.

Things can happen to us that are hard to get over or move past.

I would be happy to be your resource.""I believe that life is amazing, however, it can also be challenging.

At times there may be situations that occur that we may find overwhelming which cause our day to day activities become more difficult.

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