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The only way to get rid of it would be to delete your account. able to be held responsible for things like the Russian election attack, right? able to be held responsible for things like the Russian election attack, right? You really think a Republican controlled government wants to hold corporations responsible for much of anything?

At least the last time I checked it was still that way. But, of course, the actual effects will be to stifle the internet, just like the repeal of net neutrality will stifle the internet. If you aren't happy with someone for whatever reason then talk about it with them or just leave. Have you not noticed ANYTHING that has happened in American in the last 18 months? Too many people connecting and enjoying themselves openly. They want it all buttoned down, covered up, and deniable.

One of many similarly misleading bills that have gained traction in recent years, FOSTA amends Section 230 of the federal Communications Decency Act to hold online publishers, apps, and services legally liable for the actions of people who post there or connect through them.

Some enterprising millennial or Gen X will come up with an app designed specifically for married DL guys5.

Heterosexual Man on Woman domestic violence will increase due to sexual frustration and needs not being met.

What I always wondered was how profitable these ads were for Craigslist? The far left will Ben equally to blame for the death of the internet as we know it.

They were free and I guess they brought people to the site but it wasn't like the closet case looking to get their dick sucked would also buy a used car while they were on the site. I never use Craigs List but I did occasional look for chuckles, but I can't believe that the closet case Republican Congress shut down one of their top hook-up sites. Did you see the hysteria that followed the Facebook news this week.

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