Gay male bodybuilding dating sites

From what I can tell, it’s mainly straight, with a few exceptions.

There are lots of millennials there, guys from 18 to 30 who train hard and seriously and clown around together during the rest periods. We all follow each other on social media and they all know I’m gay with a boyfriend of many years.

1) Scruff A strong alternative for Grindr, and in many ways, a superior version of the app.Home-built equipment with weights that looked like they were left over from the Depression gave way to slick corporate high-tech machines during those years.Despite this, my old-school gym roots have always led me back to those basic hardcore bodybuilding gyms, with intelligent, experienced lifters and no fancy flavor-of-the-month group training classes.With #grindroutage 2016 over and done with, we can now go back to normal... Not only was it down for several hours, it also happened to be down on a Saturday of all days!It caused a mass panic on Twitter, some of which were done in tongue in cheek fashion.

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