Gemini best dating match

The both can even relate to each other on a higher spiritual level.

They are almost always on the same page, and actually will have little need for articulate communication, since each will know what the other wants and feels.

The Twins, irrespective of what they are doing, always have one eye fixed on their goals in life.

They have a lot of dreams, and most importantly are very self-motivated to achieve them.

Thus the Gemini-Gemini relationship has the potential to raise the perception levels of people around them and enrich their lives.

It's part of the intrigue that generates excitement.

There have to be sparks and mystery to hold a Gemini for more than a few seconds.

In bed, they will both want to experiment and end up chatting a lot, role-playing and indulging in a lot of harmless fetishes.

However, since the Twins do not feel a deep sense of commitment, the chances of this relationship turning into a long-lasting one are rather slim.

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