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Sample more of the spectacular wines around a traditional South African braai.Travel the famous Route 62, the scenic alternative to the N2 highway.From the Grist Hopper to the Mash Tun, from the Kettle to the Whirlpool; experience the chill of the first and secondary fermentation cellars.Then back to the Sales Office for the tasting of products Knysna Heads A trip to Knysna Heads is a must for visitors to Knynsa.See the magnificent landscapes and towering cliffs, crystal clear streams and an abundance of trees and colourful, indigenous flora.

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Overnight at the most beautiful and quaint little B & B in Calitzdorp, Welgevonden, situated on a small Chardonnay wine farm.With its picturesque setting, traditional cuisine and historic charm, La Motte is an enchanting destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life Boschendal Wine Estate is one of the oldest wine producers with a French viticulture heritage dating back to 1685.Experience Boschendal’s wide range of exquisite wines by visiting the Wine Tasting Centre, situated in the oldest building on the property.Here you can taste and buy wines under the shade of the huge oak tree.Don’t miss the Exhibition Vineyard and Cellar where you can find out how the Boschendal vineyard operates We travel the famous Route 62, which offers the scenic alternative to the N2 highway.

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