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I want to stick w/ Bitbucket, but I've been to toying w/ the idea of setting up my repo on a couple other services and setting up a rudimentary mirroring script to keep them all in sync.Centralized Decentralized Version Control problems.(as an intermediate gitter) What prevents users pulling from each other's repo's?Yes, the vast masses of them are busy drowning in the collective stupidity of the eternal September.It's an occasion to celebrate when one of them gets all the way to the surface once in a blue moon. Five year old kids know about facebook these days, meaning the stream of new people coming on line are not traditional n00bs, but ordinary kids growing up, raised as "digital natives".I do that Although, my privately, locally hosted repo is the primary one; the others are just partial views. There's a few services out there that you can pay for to sync between hosts - but this is mainly why Got Hub Enterprise exists. Everyone in this thread is acting like there is no cost and convenience to these things. The hardest part about github going down is that while your VCS is distributed, you're CI, commit hooks, etc likely aren't.And any given outage is mostly going to be an annoyance not worthy of making your CI distributed, so you end up just complaining / stalling for an hour or so then going back to the status quo.

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It's much easier to use than Hudson or Jenkins - I actually had a Vm set up to put hudsonnon at work and never got around to finishing it because of niggling issues, so tried bamboo at home - it's great so far.You probably confused it with Kiln Harmony, which supposedly does do perfect conversions.But I just recently wanted to try that one out, and it seems Fog Creek has turned it off due to having too many problematic edge cases or something along those lines. I really wish Not sure if it's up-to-date, but Mercurial's site has a list of hosting options.Yup, we used a bare repo on a usb, just a few weeks ago at a game jam with shitty wifi.At work today (during the bitbucket outage) we couldn't though, since we use it as the link to Unity's cloud build.

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