Hamster dating

I want them to be ok with wherever they are in life and bless all the bullshit that got them to where they are now.

I want them to finally commit to healing and stop bringing their broken ass selves to dates wasting everyone’s time and money.

Agricultural intensification, specifically the loss of perennial crops and small uncultivated patches of land, the introduction of autumn-sown cereals, and the increased use of pesticides, has had a negative impact on many hamster populations.

In the last few years, reintroductions have been carried out in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

This species has a very wide range and is considered Least Concern at the global level.

has a large global range, extending from western Europe, through central and eastern Europe, Russia, and Kazakhstan, reaching as far east as the Yenisey river (Asian Russia).

It prefers relatively deep, heavy soils, in which it digs extensive burrows.

Its diet mainly consists of the green parts of plants and seeds, supplemented by invertebrates and, occasionally, small vertebrates.

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