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Actress Jill won series two with her dancing partner Darren Bennett.

She took the crown from Natasha dancing the Foxtrot (34 points) and the Jive (40 points).

" And then someone went even further: "Eventually, you will get a whole section of your wardrobe that resembles this." Judd has shared small snippets of what life has been like with a new baby over the past two months on Instagram.

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He danced the Quickstep (40 points), the Showdance (37 points), American Smooth (39 points) and the Tango (40 points) in the final.She has continued making music and you may see her on ITV's Britain's Got Talent as a judge.Back in 2008, viewers saw Tom win the glitterball trophy.She won the show dancing the Quickstep (36 points), the Samba (31 points) and the Showdance (35 points).Natasha has since returned to presenting and you can see her on ITV news.

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