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He (or she) tries to act like a compassionate human being but his behaviors indicate otherwise; instead he is constantly attention-seeking and overwhelming arrogant.Having a narcissistic boss can cause your work environment to become a nightmare.If your boss possesses these qualities, resigning from your job is not the only answer.You can also learn how to adapt and deal with that kind of boss; it will not only make your life at work less hostile but also more productive.The down side is that this kind of boss is likely to be exploitative and unlikely to care about his or her people.

He may resort to demeaning and humiliating others just to preserve his own sense of superiority. (The list below starts with “he” but it applies equally to all the “she” bosses).Sometimes it’s obvious when you have good reason to complain about discrimination – for example if someone makes offensive comments about your sexuality or ethnicity. You may have a good reason to complain about discrimination in these circumstances too:“It was shocking the way the Latvians at work always got lumbered with the worst shifts.I complained about it which didn’t go down too well.We weren’t allowed to carry personal possessions into the restaurant, and had to leave them in lockers most of which were broken.My phone got stolen, and when my manager wouldn’t do anything about it, I brought a grievance for compensation for my phone, and to get secure Can you spare a few minutes?

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