I am a girl and i want to have a sex chat

And all over his body - starting with his tits, and tingling all the way down to his toes. His middle finger ran along the length of his labia - just like he had done many times before with other girls. This time, he was the girl, and he was feeling his own pussy lips. And he was standing there, naked apart from his knickers and his bra, in a girl’s bedroom.

He was wearing his girlfriend’s bra and knickers, wanking in her bedroom.

This was, after all, a more than strange situation. He held both hands on his ass, arching his back slightly, pushing his breasts forward, and he lifted his ass cheeks. He could even see where the vagina split into two lips.

And they were full of feeling, desperate to be squeezed and pulled. Oh my God, he thought, I would love someone to suck my tits. He wouldn’t allow himself to find out if he had a cunt until he had run his hands across his slim waist, down onto his hips and round the back to clasp his ass. He could feel his pussy lips being ever so gently moved apart. His hands came round the front, following the top seam of his knickers. Inside, a sweet little mound of curly pubes receded down to the curve of his cunt.

“Hi Dani,” she said lightly, in her soft musical voice.

A girl, wearing a bra and knickers (great, that’s good - suddenly he felt so glad that his breasts were covered up, contained, made decent). He jumped into the bed, and pulled the covers over his body. Lucy, the girl from last night, who Dan had taken home and fucked until they had fallen asleep in each others’ arms - remember her?

Featuring new REAL-Time stories, read erotic tales immediately as they submitted! My Best Friend's Sacrifice III From Last Time: "Finally, my best friend starts enjoying sex, and to my surprise, in this horny and perverted way. Including allowing him to screw her without a rubber and letting him cum in her... She's also sacrificing her body for her own pleasure." This time, Katie's sacrifice takes my sex life to a whole new level! He’d give anything to go back to her house, be invited into her bedroom, and spend a few hours taking her clothes off and - with a bit of luck - fucking every way they could think of until they fell asleep.“Let’s go, then,” she said. He felt almost ridiculously submissive as he followed her out of the bar, leaving half-finished drinks, feeling drunk, wondering if it was OK that she was so forward. She unbuttoned her top, and slipped the shoulders off.

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