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Eccentric British director Peter Greenaway has always been known for controversial, untraditional, provocative, challenging, bizarre and sometimes grotesque art-house films, such as Drowning by Numbers (1988), The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989), Prospero's Books (1991), and The Pillow Book (1996).This visually-stunning, subversive religious satire was no different - the sacrilegious film was so excessive that no American distributor would touch it, and it did not receive a US video or DVD release - and it caused outrage when screened at the Cannes Film Festival.He was a crafty man, and resorted to many means to accomplish his purposes.Sometimes he had stormy, terrific ways, that made his victims tremble; sometimes he assumed a gentleness that he thought must surely subdue.

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When we have had some of these slaves on board my master's vessels, to carry them to other islands, or to America, I have known our mates to commit these acts most shamefully, to the disgrace, not of Christians only, but of men.In the stricken town of Macon in France (possibly suffering pestilence and disease, punishments from God), an older, ugly woman (Diana van Kolck) miraculously gave birth to a beautiful and healthy child, and the Woman's Daughter (Julia Ormond) schemed to claim the baby as her own ("He is mine to keep").One of her reactions to the baby was incredulous: "His little cock and balls are perfect! Now take me, and your prick will be covered in blood." However, before her virginity was taken in a mocked or parodied nativity scene that was considered the most blasphemous sequence in the film, Joseph's abdomen was gored or disemboweled by a bull - a supernatural act of divine intervention ordered by the child (in a nearby manger) who witnessed them having sex - to protect his mother's virginity.One slave trader from Virginia boasted that his successful breeding policies enabled him to sell 6,000 slave children a year.It has been claimed that plantation owners were often the fathers of slave children.

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