Indiana dating divorce

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Divorces were first authorized by legislation in the Northwest Territory in 1795.

Of course, whether it makes sense to file quickly depends on the particular situation. In addition to assets of the marital estate being presumed to be split equally, debts are split in a very similar manner. Smith intends to purchase a house next week and she also knows that she is no longer happy in the marriage and wishes to be divorced, her counsel would likely advise her to file her petition for divorce prior to the husband’s closing. Smith’s home loan closing then there will be fewer liabilities that need to be divided and that would be beneficial to Mrs. Typically, Indiana divorce attorneys prepare a spreadsheet of the parties assets and liabilities after the completion of discover (which is an exchange of information regarding each party’s finances).In 1807 the territorial General Assembly also had power to grant divorces; in 1811 they passed two acts granting divorces. As Superior courts were established in various counties, they have had concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit Court.From 1817 to 1852 the Circuit Court in each county had jurisdiction over divorces, and the Indiana General Assembly could also grant divorces, through special legislation. Divorces were entered in the appropriate court’s Order Book, and these books are being microfilmed through 1920 by the Family History Library.Halcomb Singler has been there before and we will do our best to provide zealous representation at a reasonable price.Call our office for your appointment at (317) 575-8222 or click here.

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