Interracial dating racialicious

The TV series is a remake of the Mexican television soap opera “Carrossel” which was first shown in 1991.

Earlier versions where very popular in Mexico, Brazil and Korea.

My husband's ancestors came to America due to a potato famine while my parents came to secure educational opportunity for themselves and their children. The Nigerian flag is, after all, green-white-green.

I had heard of this couple, but only knew a few sketchy details of the problems they had as an interracial married couple back in the late 1950’s.

Over the course of the movie, I learned much more about the legal details of their fight to legalize their marriage.

And if you make it to the Southie (South Boston) Parade on Sunday, I'll be the Black lady wearing the "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" button.

Brazilian journalist and activist Daniela Gomes of Afroatitudes recently wrote an interesting piece on race, interracial relationships and about what she defines as "Cirilo’s Syndrome".

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