Interviews with dating relationship experts

On the surface, it makes sense to treat a first date (or the first few dates) the same way you would a job interview.In both situations, you're looking for a good fit that benefits both parties mutually, often for the long-term.After all, they are trained and licensed to help us make healthy and informed decisions in our lives.

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Forgiveness and the propensity to let go of anger is often touted as a virtue, especially in the context of a partnership.We tend to focus on what we can see, and neglect to look underneath the surface." Even though it's 2017, apparently advocating for your own sexuality as a woman can be a radical act.As much as institutional wellness counseling benefits millions of people in the United States, some women's issues remain mishandled and/or misdiagnosed.In this fraught dating climate, then, it's not surprising that a number of people turn to relationship experts to help them steer through muddy romantic waters.And often it can be safer, emotionally speaking, to rely on professionals who study human coupling for a living, but does trusting them guarantee that you'll get the best outcome?

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